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President Obama’s $10-per-barrel oil tax is bad for our energy industry & bad for consumers. Not a good idea… https://t.co/NvFziimpIh
05 Feb
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President Obama’s $10-per-barrel oil tax is bad for our energy industry and bad for consumers. The solution with this Administration is far too often “more taxes!” We need to reduce these burdens and ensure that such an unwise policy is not implemented moving forward.

2 days ago

PETITION: I’m standing strong for our 2nd Amendment rights in the U.S. House. Will you stand with me? Sign my petition at the link below and SHARE with your friends now!

4 days ago

The President vetoed the Budget Reconciliation Bill, which repeals fundamental elements of Obamacare and defunds Planned Parenthood by cutting off their Medicaid reimbursements and other channels of federal funding. Today I will vote with many of my colleagues to override his veto. Check out the link to learn more now!

5 days ago

The #IowaCaucuses are always a lot of fun to watch. Who are you hoping gets the first win of the 2016 cycle? Let me know and share your support below!

6 days ago

These tax and spend proposals from Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will only harm the economy — not help it. Their policies simply don’t work, and we can’t reignite American economic might by burying hard working individuals and families under more burdensome taxes.

1 week ago

We had the opportunity to tour the dredge at Topsail Beach today. See more pictures on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/electdavidrouzer
We had the opportunity to tour Liberty Medical Supply in Whiteville today. Thanks to everyone at Liberty for taking time to show us the facility and tell us about the important issues your business is facing. #NC07
It will be an honor to serve on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and the House Agriculture Committee. Both of these committees are vitally important to North Carolina.
Visited the Library of Congress today. This picture was taken in the Reading Room.

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Wilmington, NC – Today, Rouzer for Congress announced key findings from its most recent poll conducted among primary...