David Rouzer has quickly distinguished himself as a skilled member of Congress representing the 7th Congressional District.

It's an honor & privilege to serve the citizens of the 7th District! I'm humbled to be elected to another term. https://t.co/EuW7hekGlq
8 Nov
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Great seeing everyone at the Southport Parade! Happy Independence Day!

3 weeks ago

Adherence to the Constitution is the only way to guarantee that we will continue to enjoy the freedoms and liberties our Founding Fathers envisioned. May you and your family have a very happy 4th of July!

3 weeks ago

Great seeing everyone at the North Carolina Republican Party Convention today!

2 months ago

Today, we remember the brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom, liberty and security. Let us pause to honor every soldier, sailor, airmen and Marine who made the ultimate sacrifice. We will never forget their service and selflessness.

2 months ago

At 2:12 p.m. yesterday afternoon, I cast my vote for the American Health Care Act of 2017. For the past seven years, we have heard from Americans of all income levels and backgrounds telling us just how disastrous the impacts of Obamacare have been. Many lost the plan that they liked. They lost their doctor of choice. Worst of all, doctors are leaving the profession in droves making it harder and harder to get access to good quality care. Of the doctors remaining, fewer and fewer are accepting Medicaid patients because they simply can't afford to take them any longer. An alarming and exponentially increasing number of counties across the country only have one insurer left on the individual exchange and many now have no insurer left at all. We are all paying much more for much less — and in many cases, individuals and families on the individual exchanges are being left with no care at all. And it is just getting worse. With the passage of this repeal and replacement healthcare plan, we have put forward a proposal that would repeal as much of Obamacare as possible under the rules of budget reconciliation, dismantle $1 trillion in Obamacare taxes, reform Medicaid by putting it on a budget and providing flexibility for the states to manage the program so that it best fits the needs of every citizen eligible for it, increase competition and choices, and lower premiums. I look forward to continuing our work to make healthcare better for all Americans! Passage in the House was only the first step. Now the bill is in the Senate. The Senate will likely make a number of changes, which is the nature of legislating. If so, it will go to a conference committee where the House and Senate will negotiate with the White House to produce a final version that can pass both chambers and be signed into law.

3 months ago

We had the opportunity to tour the dredge at Topsail Beach today. See more pictures on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/electdavidrouzer
We had the opportunity to tour Liberty Medical Supply in Whiteville today. Thanks to everyone at Liberty for taking time to show us the facility and tell us about the important issues your business is facing. #NC07
It will be an honor to serve on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and the House Agriculture Committee. Both of these committees are vitally important to North Carolina.
Visited the Library of Congress today. This picture was taken in the Reading Room.

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