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Warm weather brings more alligator sightings. Go outside & enjoy NC Spring but keep your distance if you see a gator https://t.co/10hBPEzo7J
28 Apr
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With the weather getting warmer the number of alligator sightings increases. Be sure to keep your distance and don’t leave children unattended near bodies of water while enjoying our North Carolina Spring weather.

1 day ago

North Carolina’s common sense voter ID laws have been upheld in federal court. Are you up to date on what you’ll need for the polls?

2 days ago

My bill, No Hires for the Delinquent IRS, passed the House earlier this week where it now heads to the Senate for consideration. This bill requires that IRS employees who are delinquent on their tax payments to have an approved plan in place to become compliant. Otherwise, the IRS is prohibited from hiring additional employees. Every IRS employee should be held to the same standards as every other citizen filing their taxes. I am pleased we have made another step forward to bring more accountability to the IRS.

1 week ago

This week the Members of Congress will have an opportunity to vote on my legislation to reform the IRS. My bill, the No Hires for the Delinquent IRS Act, will ensure the IRS follows the same rules it imposes on us all.

1 week ago

This week, the House will vote on bills to reform the IRS, including my bill to ensure all IRS employees are paying their taxes just like everyone else. Unsurprisingly, the Obama Administration has come out against them, relying heavily on the Democrat talking points of needing more of our hard earned money. We don’t need a larger IRS, and we certainly don’t need to be hiring those who are delinquent themselves to a government agency that demands the rest of us pay-up.

1 week ago

We had the opportunity to tour the dredge at Topsail Beach today. See more pictures on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/electdavidrouzer
We had the opportunity to tour Liberty Medical Supply in Whiteville today. Thanks to everyone at Liberty for taking time to show us the facility and tell us about the important issues your business is facing. #NC07
It will be an honor to serve on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and the House Agriculture Committee. Both of these committees are vitally important to North Carolina.
Visited the Library of Congress today. This picture was taken in the Reading Room.

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